Is there a Connection Between Magnesium and Diabetes?

Is there a Connection Between Magnesium and Diabetes?

The Connection Between Magnesium and Diabetes

Recently there’s been new strides in determining what causes type 2 Diabetes. Surprise, it has to do with Hypomagnesemia, or in layman’s terms, being magnesium deficient. In fact, patients with Hypomagnesemia have exponential disease progressions and a higher propensity for Diabetes. Tests have shown that patients with T2DM (Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus) and Magnesium Deficiency have less β-cell production and are in fact more resistant to insulin intake. And in counter, subjects that take Magnesium Supplements, be it trans-dermally or dietary, have heightened insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolic rates.

The Role of Insulin

Insulin becomes an important partner to Magnesium in the kidney, for insulin ignites dormant Magnesium receptors to intake, and which allows Magnesium excretion as well. Unfortunately, this means patients with Hypomagnesemia and T2DM become locked in a Catch 22, where Magnesium Deficiency creates insulin resistance, where insulin resistance negates Magnesium, and vice versa with Insulin until neither are necessarily helping the affliction of Diabetes.

This being said, for those with Diabetes, and low Insulin Sensitivity, Magnesium Supplements are right for you and could greatly improve your health. In this respect, dietary Magnesium Supplements are probably the less effective route. Transdermal Magnesium Supplements (Oils, Creams, Bath Salts etc.) are proven to adhere to the bloodstream more quickly and effectively than Dietary Supplements. As well as using actual Mg products. Little known fact; Magnesium Sulfate is in fact Epsom Salt, commonly used for relaxing baths. But true Magnesium absorption for Hypomagnesemia is most usually cured by Magnesium Chloride. It’s higher concentrated, stronger, and faster acting than Sulfate.

An Expert Weights In

To reiterate these findings here is an expert comment on Magnesium and Diabetes correlation from the “Mother of Magnesium” herself, Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D., whom has written many an article and book on the subject. Including “The Miracle of Magnesium”, “Solve it with Supplements”, and “The Magnesium Miracle”. Dr. Dean is an expert in difficult diagnosis conditions, hormone balance, and estrogen dominance.

“Although doctors seem reluctant to admit it, according to magnesium researchers in this review paper “Over the past decades, hypomagnesemia has been strongly associated with type 2 diabetes.” Also if magnesium is low the disease progresses rapidly and there is an increased risk for complications. The list continues – patients with hypomagnesemia have reduced pancreatic β-cell activity and are more insulin resistant. Therapeutically, Moreover, dietary supplementation with magnesium improves glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity. The many attributes of magnesium include: regulation of glucokinase, KATP channels, and L-type Ca(2+) channels in pancreatic β-cells, preceding insulin secretion. Also the necessary addition of phosphorous to insulin receptors depends on magnesium, making it a direct factor in the development of insulin resistance. This is not just a one-way relationship, however because insulin is an important regulator of magnesium ion homeostasis. In the kidney, insulin activates the renal magnesium channels that determine how much urinary magnesium is excreted. As a result, patients with type 2 diabetes and hypomagnesemia enter a vicious circle in which hypomagnesemia causes insulin resistance and insulin resistance reduces serum magnesium concentrations. The paper ends by providing “novel directions for future research and to identify previously neglected contributors to hypomagnesemia.”                                                                                                                                                -Carolyn Dean, MD, ND

How Our Magnesium Products Can Heal the Body

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You can also purchase any of Carolyn Dean’s literature from her own website if you are so inclined to further your knowledge on The Miracle of Magnesium.

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