You are SO Magnesium Deficient

You are SO Magnesium Deficient

You are so Magnesium Deficient.

Do you have sleep issues? Headaches? Anxiety? Muscle Cramps? Or Chronic Pain? Well, if any of these overly common ailments afflict you, then you might be Magnesium Deficient! What’s that you say? “I’ve never heard of being Magnesium Deficient, I must’ve missed that bit on Dr. Oz...” Well, don’t fret young pupil. Studies show; by people that love percentages, that 90% of us are more than likely Deficient in the Magnesium Department. “Why does that matter, I do crunches every dang ole’ day and get by just fine, mister.” Woah now, says I. Settle down, we’re getting into the meat and potatoes of this. Magnesium is one of few essential minerals that makes up the majority of the body’s mineral storehouse. Magnesium is used to draw energy from food, keep your nerves feeling feels, and even builds bones. Recent studies have even show that Magnesium reduces conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. Not only is Magnesium a useful preventative but also a powerful “miracle mineral” that cures many ailments. To give you the lowdown on how you might be Magnesium Deficient, here are some common practices that might be leading to your own Magnesium downfall.


  1. Stay Away from Sweet Pastries.

The faster you eat it, the better it tastes.

                I know. Believe me. They’re delicious. Bear Claws, Chocolate Muffins, Double Stuffed Strawberry Filled Figure Eight Donuts… mmmm. But we all know these aren’t necessarily good for us. Other than the empty calories, a ridiculous amount of sugar, and personal regret, all refined sugar is absolutely 0% in Magnesium Content (Oh, god I’m starting to use percentages). This is due to the process of refining it. When sugar is refined from sugar cane, it removes the molasses, which is high in magnesium. Thus leaving that cupcake an empty shell of what it once was nutritionally. Now I’m hungry.


  1. Carbonated Liquids, Don’t Do It.

I really don’t think she’ll be getting those two front teeth back.

                Other than pastries, it’s a pretty common fact that sodas (or pop, whatever root beer floats your boat) are extremely unhealthy for you. You don’t have to be a personal trainer to know that. How Magnesium plays into this ballgame, is because soda contains Phosphates, which counteract with Magnesium inside the digestive tract, making it unusable to the body. Phosphates basically pull all the helpful benefits of Magnesium out of the mineral itself. What a jerk, sheesh. Also, carbonated beverage consumption has had exponential growth since its mass production in the mid-1900s, further adding to the Magnesium Deficiency epidemic. In conclusion, soda will mess you up. Even if it tastes good spit it out.


  1. Calcium Supplements, Wait What?
This is the best picture I could find for Calcium. I have nothing funny to say.

                “Whoa, whoa, whoa, Mister Article Writer, you mean to tell me my Supplements are unhealthy now? Psh, I’m going back to scrolling Facebook. K thx bye.” No! Don’t social media your confusion away. Not this time at least. Your Calcium Supplements aren’t bad. Research shows, from men in the white coats, that when Magnesium consumption is low, calcium supplements can slow Magnesium retention and absorption. At the same time, calcium supplements can actually have negative effects on all of your precious magnesium levels. Magnesium supplementation actually helps the body use calcium more effectively. In conclusion, most professionals with plaques and mahogany furniture, suggest a 1 to 1 calcium to magnesium ratio. This can promote bone support and even fend off disease. Just make sure to have decent magnesium consumption before you take any calcium supplements. Or you are digging yourself into another health conundrum. And who needs that? Not you, that’s who.


  1. Do You Drink Often?
“Oh, kidneys... what am I doing to you?”

                A very personal question, I know. But alcohol has very similar effects with Magnesium that diuretics have. When you drink alcohol or take a diuretic, your kidneys work overtime releasing Magnesium in the process. As if a hangover wasn’t bad enough, now your kidneys hate you. Also, almost one-third of alcoholics are Magnesium deficient. Major Alcohol consumption also stunts your digestive workflow and causes Vitamin D deficiency, which adds to the fire, making Magnesium levels even lower.


  1. Certain Drugs, Can Cause Low Levels of Magnesium

So that’s what a pharmaceutical rainbow looks like...

                So far we’ve learned; that if your kidneys are working overtime, they excrete Magnesium far more quickly than normal. Specific prescription drugs have been found to lower Magnesium levels, due to your kidneys being spread thin to process them. I’m not saying stop taking Aspirin, but hey, Aspirin isn’t even approved by the Food and Drug Administration. So take that as you will. Here are a few over the counter chemicals, pills, and drugs that can cause a drop in your Mg levels.

  • Diuretics – Lasix, Thiazides, Edecrin etc.
  • Certain Antibiotics – Carbenicillin, Ticarcillin, Garamycin
  • Estrogen – Found in hormone replacement supplements and birth control pills
  • Some Heart Failure Medications - Quinidex, Cordarone, and Digitalis
  • Medications that Treat Irregular Heartbeats – Bretylium, Sotalol (Betapace), Cordarone
  • Antineoplastics that are commonly used in Chemotherapy and Radiation
  • Antipsychotic Drugs – Stelazine, Mellaril, Pimozide

                Don’t panic, if any of these medications hit too close to home. It just means your kidneys are having to process some majorly strong stuff. And that’s fine, it just means they are powerhouses. But they need Magnesium to keep going, so pick up some Magnesium Oil or Cream. Transdermal use (Applied directly to the skin) is professionally seen as the best way to absorb Magnesium. Oh, and breathe. Everything is okay.


  1. Stress, man. Stress.

Oh yeah, that’ll help the computer run faster.

Hey, we all get stressed. Be it money, or family, or work. It happens. It’s just a fact of life. Awesome. Anywho, studies actually show that Anxiety, Insomnia, and even Hyperactivity can be symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency. DID I JUST BLOW YOUR MIND, OR WHAT? I’m not saying Magnesium will solve your lack of communication with your wife, or get you that promotion at work, but hey, it can help. All of the ailments I listed above can be neurological red flags of being Magnesium Deficient. Also, Low Magnesium can be linked to personality changes or depression. So if you don’t want to end up like a scene out of Fight Club, you should probably get your hands on some supplements.


  1. Caffeine.

“It’s my 24th cup of the day! Look Jerry, I’m beating your record!”

        Yeah, we’re back to food and bev, again. Anything Caffeinated falls into the same category as Alcohol or Soda. Your kidneys are one of your bodies biggest filters, but they also regulate magnesium levels. Caffeine is probably the worst when it comes to depleting Magnesium levels, due to the fact that no matter what your body status is in, your kidneys will drop out a large amount of Magnesium while caffeine is being processed. I’ll be honest, this hurt to read. I love coffee, but apparently coffee doesn’t love me. I feel like I’ve been lied to, and I’m hurt. But then I remember I can just rub some smooth Mg into my neck as I drink some straight black void and feel a little bit better about myself.


  1. Your <3 Feels Painful Sometimes.

“I knew I should have taken a rest day, HNNNNNNGGG”

                I’m not talking about when they left. No, you didn’t deserve it, but let’s finally move on here, he or she is gone, it’s okay, I’m here to help. Oh, yeah, back to Magnesium… One of the major reasons to be fighting your most likely low Magnesium levels is that your heart might, well, I’m not going to sugar coat this… Stop. Being Magnesium Deficient is proven to cause cholesterol, high blood pressure, arterial plaque buildup, hardening of the arteries and even calcification of all your nice soft tissues. Kind of horrifying, eh? Magnesium is absolutely essential in aiding metabolism, lowering blood pressure, and dilating arteries. So how do we help these arteries staying wide and pumping? Simple, as stated earlier, try and keep a 1:1 Magnesium to Calcium intake, of about 500 mg of both. Along with some Vitamin D, and Vitamin K2. All of which can be found in Kale, which is why all these youths are most likely raving about it.


  1. Bottom Line, Do You Hurt?

Even Ronald McDonald could use some Magnesium.

                Everybody hurts, R.E.M. said it best. But Michael Stipe was most likely Magnesium Deficient when he wrote the song. Muscle Spasms, Facial tics, Muscle Cramping and even Involuntary Eye Movements are all Neuromuscular problems that are text-book signs of Magnesium deficiency. I’ve been waiting for this because I’m about to drop a bomb on this article. If we didn’t have magnesium, we would be in a purgatory of muscle contraction, forever. Yeah, it’s that important. Magnesium is required to relax muscles. Calcium is what is used to contract muscles. So they go hand in hand. There are actually clinical tests called Trousseau’s Sign and Chvostek’s Sign that measure involuntary muscle movements and check for Magnesium and calcium deficiency. They might even show up as the same thing during testing, so before these tests, Magnesium supplementation is administered. Due to these facts, if you are an athlete of any kind, even if it's just walking through the park or to the mailbox, you could greatly benefit from Transdermal Magnesium Supplements. You can even apply these oils and creams directly to your cramped painful area, or hit all at once in a relaxing salt bath. Oh, did I mention that Mg-12 (the periodic formulation for Magnesium Chloride) is actually a SALT. Crazy, right?


  1. In Conclusion

All right, all right. I’m almost finished, jeeze.

                We learned a lot here today, didn’t we? Magnesium is a little miracle that can, and will, and loves to. But seeing as the majority of us don’t have enough of it, the lack of Magnesium might explain all of the health epidemics we have. From heart health, to muscle tension, and mental health, Magnesium is here for us. And we just put baby in the corner. But, in recent times, we’ve started to realize these facts. More studies are being published every day on the benefits of the “Miracle Mineral”, and it truly is astounding. So do yourself a favor, buddy. Take some calcium supplements, eat some kale, but most importantly find some Magnesium Oil to rub on yourself. Your kidneys and the rest of your body will thank you in the long run.

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