How to Use Magnesium Oil

How to Use Magnesium Oil

How to Use Magnesium Oil

You’re probably thinking, “that looks tasty, I like tasty, I’m going to drink that” well, you should probably not do that if you want the desired results. All of our products here at Mg12 are Transdermal. Which means, applied directly on the skin. Preferably in any place where you have pain or soreness. When it comes to our Magnesium Oil, just a dab will do you. In moments of dropping the product onto your palm or painful area, you’ll notice that it goes a long way. Simply rub the product into the skin until you feel comfortable with it and continue about your day. Some people feel almost instantaneous results and others have to continue using the product up to three times a day for two weeks until they see a difference. Whichever the case, we here at Mg12 recommend you leave the product you’ve bought beside your toothbrush. That way you’ll use it twice a day, without forgetting.

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