How to Use Dead Sea Bath Salts

How to Use Dead Sea Bath Salts

How to Use Our Mg12 Dead Sea Bath Salts

I want to start off by saying these aren’t the bath salts that were on the news a couple years back. These will make you feel amazing, but not in that “whoa, man… I totally don’t know where I am right now” way. Nobody wants that. What it will make you feel like, is “lighter than air” or at least that’s what one customer has said. I just hope we were talking about the same thing. Basically our Bath Salts are Epsom Salts on steroids. Classic Epsom Salts are Magnesium Sulfate, but here at Mg12 we make all our products with Magnesium Chloride, from the Dead Sea in Israel. The difference between us and the other salts, is just that. Magnesium Chloride better adheres to the bloodstream and is a more viable way to increase Magnesium levels in the body. Along with that sweet, sweet, Magnesium Chloride there are a multitude of other essential minerals found in the Dead Sea Salts. And it’s just as easy to use as regular Epsom Salt. Simply add a cup of our Magnesium Chloride to your warm bath water and enjoy a similar experience to that of floating in the Dead Sea. Or if a bath doesn’t tickle your fancy add a fourth of a cup to a tub or bowl of warm water to soak your hands or feet. Not only will this feel extremely relaxing, but it will raise the Magnesium levels in your body, which is very important. Remember, Magnesium is responsible for relaxing muscles, enabling thousands of bio-chemical processes, and even maintains cell life span. So don’t be scared, the water is fine, and blissfully salty.

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