Magnesium, The Unsung Hero

Magnesium, The Unsung Hero

It is sad to know that magnesium does not get the attention is needs...

Magnesium is so important to so many functions in the body (over 300) and the media, medical, and natural world just don't stress it enough. It is also one of the most common deficiencies in over 500 health problems including cancer and diabetes (both of which haunt a large number of people around the globe).

 I feel that it is both sad and good when you see a magazine with magnesium on the cover (above image). It is good because it is getting a little press time and the more people that learn about magnesium the better. On the other hand, this article is just telling people that it can help you losing weight and not help prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, help prevent or control pain, give you healthier bones, give you better sleep, boost you energy, I could gone on for the rest of this page talking about the benefits of magnesium, but they picked something on the superficial and end of the spectrum (excluding stress). I do give them credit for covering stress or just covering magnesium at all for that matter. A little tid-bit on stress; it is a double edged sword. Low magnesium can lead to stress and stress can deplete you of your magnesium.

 Since magazines, newspapers, etc don't cover magnesium and its vast spectrum of benefits, then its education rests in the hands of the individual, a friend, a family member. Spread the word! Magnesium is one, if not THE, most important mineral for the body!

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