Magnesium Oil vs Magnesium Oil

Magnesium Oil vs Magnesium Oil

Medium Size Magnesium Spray OilToday we received the following question that inspired a more lengthy reply than what was ask for and we wanted to share it with everyone in hopes that it might help others to better understand why we love our source, the Dead Sea!


I'm very interested in your magnesium oil for topical supplementation, I was just wondering what is the amount of magnesium per teaspoon? ( for example ancient minerals from dr. sircus contains approximately 560 mg of elemental magnesium per teaspoon and Eight sprays of Ancient Minerals magnesium oil delivers approximately 100 mg of elemental magnesium onto the skin). Also, when spraying topically, does the product need to be diluted with water at all or applied as is?


Since most of our customers like to spray our magnesium oil on instead of rubbing it on, we like to use sprays as a reference and not tsp. But before I get to the amount of absorbed magnesium please allow me a moment to talk about the deference between Magnesoothe and the other brands that are available.

Magnesoothe Magnesium Oil is from the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea contains a combination and an amount of minerals unlike any body of water on the face of this planet! This combination of minerals is unique in that it is nearly equivalent to the human skin (minerals and ratio of minerals). This is one of the reasons why the Dead Sea has been known for centuries of its healing power.

Now everyone likes to talk about how amazing magnesium is and all the wonders it will do for the body. Yes, it is amazing and we believe it is the single most imortant mineral that the body needs and doesn't get enough of. However, what they don't talk about is how magnesium does nothing in the body by itself! There is a synergistic relationship between magnesium and other minerals, enzymes, and molecules and magnesium needs to be bonded to one of these for it to really do anything for the body. This is what makes Magnesoothe so special. We leave at least 26% magnesium in our magnesium oil (equivalent or greater than all other mag oils) and we try not to remove any of the other powerful minerals that help make up the Dead Sea unique combination and also work so powerfully with magnesium.

The other key eliminate to a good magnesium oil is sunlight! Sunlight is what makes the magnesium and other minerals ionic and not only makes it to were the body does not have to process it, but also helps the transdermal aspect as well. The Dead Sea is exposed to the sun on average 330 days a year. The only sun that the Zechstein Seabed (Ancient Minerals source) gets is the sunlight before it goes underground. Also, this is one of the main problems with oral supplements; they are typically not and ionic form of magnesium and the the body has a hard time processing a poor form of magnesium.

To answer your original question, by using 8-10 sprays of Magnesoothe, the average person (varies by health and skin condition) should absorb about 100mg of magnesium. We recommend using our magnesium oil 2 -3 times a day with 8 -10 sprays each time. Our magnesium oil should be used undiluted unless it is to strong for your skin and causes any unwanted irritation. In the case of unpleasant irritation, we would recommend a few options: 1) give your body time to acclimate. 2) trying a 50% dilution with filtered or distilled water. 3) trying our MagneChage which in 99% of cases will not cause any unpleasant irritation due to the effects of the essential oil in it.

I hope that this was helpful!

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