Break the Headache with Magnesium

Break the Headache with Magnesium

Ever feel like your cranium is just imploding? Caving in? The lock jaws of despair wrapped tactfully on your temples? I think we've all been there. But unfortunately, some more than others.

These headaches or migraines might be from not getting enough Magnesium. Over 75% of the American population is Magnesium Deficient and is suffering the repercussions daily. One of these repercussions being chronic Headaches & Migraines.

Magnesium is needed for over 300 metabolic reactions in the body, and people who experience migraine/headaches tend to have lower levels of serum and intracellular magnesium than those who do not. Deficiency is particularly evident in women who suffer from menstrual migraines. While intravenous magnesium has been shown to stop migraines or reduce their severity, trans-dermal magnesium oil rubbed directly on the temples has been deemed effective at preventing and almost curing migraines. Magnesium is particularly appealing as a preventive measure against headaches because of its good safety profile & all-natural properties. So why not try the "Miracle Mineral" today? The only thing you have to lose is your headache.


The Breakdown of Magnesium’s Effect on Neuropathic Pain


Using Transdermal Magnesium, in addition to the daily magnesium supplementation, at the start of a headache will increase blood flow thus creating a reduction of pain.


Jay S. Cohen provides a wealth of information concerning magnesium and migraine headaches in his book “The Magnesium Solution for Migraine Headaches”. He cites numerous studies using magnesium to address this source of debilitating pain.

Burton M. Altura, PhD. professor of medicine and physiology at the State University of New York Health Science Center in Brooklyn says that 50 percent of all migraine sufferers have magnesium deficiencies.[1] In one test, where magnesium substantially relieved the pain of migraine sufferers whose levels were low, it even proved effective in 25% of those who did not show a deficiency.


Another Magnesium study dealing with severe migraines, found ALL SUBJECTS experiencing major pain relief. [2] Why this marked improvement? Jay S. Cohen concludes that “magnesium is more than an essential nutrient. At higher doses, magnesium is a pharmacologically active substance” with “clearly defined effects on the blood vessels, brain, heart, and other systems throughout the body”. A person with normal levels of magnesium “will still experience magnesium’s pharmalogical effects”. [3] Studies are conclusive showing that magnesium supplementation can be effective in preventing migraines.


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