Cancer Prevention with Magnesium

Cancer Prevention with Magnesium

Often when people are diagnosed with cancer they have shied away from isolated fractionated vitamins and minerals. Instead, they have pushed synergies of thousands of phytonutrients. But Magnesium is a major exception.

Magnesium is critical for many cellular reactions and metabolic processes and works side by side with calcium for bone development and upkeep. It is also an important electrolyte needed for proper muscle, enzyme, and nerve function. It also helps the body process energy and is needed to move other electrolytes into and out of cells.

Low levels of magnesium (hypomagnesemia) can cause a variety of health issues. Asthma, acute coronary events, and other terminal illness can occur due to hypomagnesemia. Although raising your magnesium levels can benefit you in a variety of ways. High levels of magnesium can prevent fatality from cardiovascular disease, sudden cardiac events, and even stroke. Even stress and depression respond to magnesium supplementation. A clinical study contrasting effects of magnesium (450 mg daily) against popular anti-depressants found that Mg is effective in treating depression.

But we are here to talk about the connections between Magnesium and Cancer. Research into the effects of magnesium on cancer and cancer prevention have been ongoing for around 50 years now via animal studies. These studies showed that magnesium-deficient rats would develop tumors of the thymus (an organ part of the immune system that helps the body fend off infection) and is crucial to T-cell immunity. Magnesium also stabilizes cell membranes and protects cells from heavy metals like mercury and lead. Cells actually wither and die without proper magnesium.

A study in 2000 found that almost half of cancer patients admitted to the ICU had low magnesium levels. Magnesium deficiency may have contributed to their disease, but it may, in fact, be due to their cancer treatment. Magnesium is also given as supplements for cancer patients with constipation.

Although Magnesium won’t actively cure your cancer, it will certainly strengthen your immune system for fighting off cancer cells. But the most magnesium can do against cancer is prevention. By keeping this vital nutrient abundant in your body system you create a strong safe guard against many health problems. Small positive changes will add up if you actively look after your health, including becoming aptly supplied in magnesium, thus reducing the risk of many chronic diseases, including cancer.

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