Hypomagnesemia and Chemotherapy

Hypomagnesemia and Chemotherapy

Studies are showing that Low Magnesium levels, or Hypomagnesemia, is a major component of chemotherapy discomfort and lack of progress. Magnesium is one of many electrolytes in your body and normal levels of magnesium are important for the maintenance of heart and nervous system function.

Because chemotherapy drugs do not differentiate between cancer and normal cells. The cancer society explains that healthy cells can regenerate, unlike cancer cells, which are a DNA-damaged form of a normal cell. Magnesium greatly helps this.

Your body regulates magnesium levels by shifting magnesium into and out of cells.  A shift of potassium into the cells causes hypomagnesemia. If left untreated, symptoms can deteriorate to impaired cardiac functioning, weakening of the bones due to calcium deficiency and changes in personality.

Magnesium can be excreted by your kidneys. Any damage to your kidneys, when they are not working properly, may cause a decrease in magnesium levels. It is known that chemotherapy can damage kidneys, proving a cyclical problem. But taking Magnesium will help the kidneys as well, along with Vitamin B-6 and Aloe Vera Juice. This optimizes the Kidneys to continue working properly through chemo, so your magnesium levels aren’t further hindered.

Hypo-magnesium has some symptoms, but you may not have any symptoms unless your blood test results show that your magnesium levels are significantly decreased.

Muscle weakness, confusion, and decreased reflexes with severely low blood magnesium levels.  You may also notice "jerky" movements, high blood pressure, and irregular heart rhythms with severely low blood magnesium levels.

Proper magnesium supplementation is hard to come by. With multitudes of different subsets of magnesium ions on the market for oral, transdermal, and injected use; it can be hard to decide which is best for you.

The tide is turning to direct to skin Magnesium Supplementation. This is called Transdermal Supplementation. Transdermal Magnesium comes in many forms, such as; oils, creams, bath salts, soaps, and even shampoo. And when it comes to Transdermal Magnesium, Magnesium Chloride is your safest and surest best. Coming predominantly from The Dead Sea in Israel, this ultra-pure form of Magnesium has the highest Purity rating and basal mineral count of any Magnesium Chloride source in the world. Even since ancient times, those in need have flocked to The Dead Sea for healing.

Recommended dosage for a patient undergoing Chemo is ½ the recommended daily value. This is due to the kidneys over working out all the different chemicals and drugs implemented. For proper levels for you personally, talk to your doctor. The best application methods are absorbed through the soft tissue of the feet. So, rub your oil or balm into the soles of your feet, or take a bath/foot soak.

You should call your doctor if you feel rapid heart palpitations, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle weakness, or twitching, and shortness of breath or chest pain. Remember to always contact your doctor regarding supplementation when going through chemo. Chemo leaves the patient in a weakened state, and all avenues of relief should be followed with professional help.

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