Magnesium for Strength Athletes

Magnesium for Strength Athletes

Supplements, supplements, supplements...

In the world of strength training, the average lifter probably stops their supplementation at protein powder and creatine. The enthusiasts might drop the extra coin for branch chain amino acids, beta alanine, zinc and fish oil. These pills and powders help improve performance in and out of the gym undoubtedly, but magnesium rarely makes the list for essential supplements for a strength athlete.

This is shocking because most of America is deficient in magnesium, second only to Vitamin D deficiency in developed countries vitamin deficiencies. The reason it is shocking is because magnesium is a vital nutrient for the muscles, and if someone is health conscious, they should know about this amazing mineral.

Why Magnesium?

The best way to look at magnesium in terms of athleticism is how magnesium works as a relaxation nutrient. Magnesium improves sleep quality, stress levels, blood pressure, and relaxes muscles from the digestive tract to your good ole’ arm guns. It's likely people don’t realize they are magnesium deficient because they think they are just stressed out, but coincidentally stress and low magnesium have almost the same side effects and long-term negative health effects. Magnesium serves as a ‘placeholder’ in the NMDA receptors in our nerves, which cause excitement and stimulation. If magnesium is low, then there’s more passive stimulation of the NMDA receptors.

Low Magnesium can cause a lot of things associated with high stress such as sleep problems and high blood pressure. But with proper magnesium levels are linked to better recovery and higher testosterone levels. But mainly for athletes, magnesium is very important in relaxing muscles and reducing cramping. It has been found that we as Americans don’t receive enough in our diet anymore, and supplementation is recommended to lifters.

But There Are So Many Kinds of Magnesium!

The best way to take magnesium is in its transdermal raw form. This is because (especially with Magnesium Chloride or Dead Sea Magnesium Salt) magnesium is better absorbed into the skin instead of absorbed through the digestive tract. Consuming magnesium supplementation can lead to leaky bowel syndrome and other digestive problems. But with Transdermal Magnesium Supplementation you can simply rub a balm or oil onto where you are experiencing soreness. This way, you get the pain relief aspect of magnesium in that area of application, while increasing your magnesium levels and speeding up recovery in the long run. Dead Sea Bath Salts also provide a relaxing experience after a long day or workout, proven to de-stress and provide overall health benefits to your skin, internal organs, cardiovascular system, and muscle system.

We here at Mg12 have a line of Magnesium products directly tailored to the athletic community. Our aptly named “Sport” line is infused with Arnica; a south American flower that has been used for centuries for its anti-inflammatory effects. Paired with Magnesium and Arnica, our "Sport" Line will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to get back in the game, the all-natural way.

Try It

Vitamin deficiencies are rare, but minerals are too often left by the wayside. The good news is magnesium has tremendous potential to not only improve your performance but your sleep quality and stress levels as well – which will improve just about everything else.

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