Mg12's Triathletes

Mg12's Triathletes

Almost everyone is familiar with what a triathlon is, but not all of us are willing to test our endurance that much. It takes a truly driven person to be able to complete even a marathon, let alone a triathlon. Ranging in distance over many formats, the golden standards of triathlons are the Ironman Competitions. Ironman Competitions are no joke, and without doubt proclaim the finisher with the title of Ironman or Ironwomen. This also comes with unlimited bragging rights for life. But what are the specifics of triathlons, and what kind of people compete?

The first Triathlon is believed to have its beginnings in France around 1920 with three sports being combined into one event such as running, swimming and canoeing. But the first “Modern” Triathlon was held in San Diego, California on September 25th, 1974. The original distances since the Olympic Format of triathlons have been lengthened to that of the current Ironman Format since the first Ironman Competition in Kona, Hawaii. Now, the 2.4 Mile swim, 112-mile bicycle ride, and 26.2 mile run in Kona have become the crowning achievement for any triathlon competitor. With only 2,000 racers from all over the world after having to qualify by placing in one of the other Ironman Competitions.

We here at Mg12 are no strangers to supporting athletes in our endeavors and have multitudes praising our products. Triathletes are no exception. We are proud to highlight the biggest names in Triathlon competition that back our products.

Karel and Marni Sumbal

Karel and Marni Sumbal are a Triathlete power couple, both racing in multiple Ironman Competitions as well as the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. Marni Sumbal MS, CSSD is an Exercise Physiologist and Sport Dietitian. Together with her husband Marni and Karel have their own coaching and nutrition camps in Greenville, SC. With 17 combined Ironman Finishes and 6 Ironman World Championship qualifications, there is no better place for endurance, nutrition, cycling, and swimming training and conditioning. Find out more at

Katie Malone

Katie Malone was an office worker. And after a year of not meeting qualifications for the World Iron Man Competition, she decided to quit her job at the Engineering she worked at. The decision was a great one for her, and because of the rash decision, she was able to start her new career as a Triathlon coach. Malone Coaching takes you from your first sprint to your first Ironman Competition if you’ve got the gusto. And with over 20 plus Triathlons under her belt and completion of Kona she will surely not disappoint. Find out more at

Brian Lowman

Another proud supporter of our products is Brian Lowman. Head of Team Lowman Endurance Coaching, Brian uses his extensive experience in Triathlons and Marathons to help coach and train others for these grueling competitions. Having competed in the Ironman World Championship and finishing multiple times, Brian Lowman brings much to the table, in coaching new Triathletes and bringing pros together under a common name. Find out more about Brian and keep up with Team Lowman on Facebook at

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