Our Dead Sea Bath Salts now infused with Essential Oils

Our Dead Sea Bath Salts now infused with Essential Oils

Mg12’s Dead Sea Bath Salts are now infused with three different essential oils. Our scented bath salts allow people to now relax in a bath with a nice aroma that also has added benefits with the magnesium salt flakes. The following details the benefits of these essential oils and how they can add to your bath.

  • Lavender Scented Dead Sea Bath Salts (2.2lbs & 5.5lbs)
    • Lavender has long been considered a soothing, relaxing botanical that melts stress and helps to calm both body and mind. Try taking a bedtime bath with our Lavender Scented Bath Salts, and experience how its calming effects help you achieve a peaceful, deep sleep along with the added benefits of Magnesium.

  • Eucalyptus Scented Dead Sea Bath Salts (2.2lbs & 5.5lbs)
    • For thousands of years, eucalyptus has been renowned for its healing and renewing properties. Create a rejuvenating bath using Eucalyptus Scented Bath Salts. Notice how the cooling properties of eucalyptus work to remove any physical and mental sluggishness, leaving you with a crystal-clear state of mind. Eucalyptus and our Magnesium is known for its pain-relieving qualities and is an all-natural way to soothe muscle aches, soreness and tension.

  • Peppermint Scented Dead Sea Bath Salts (2.2lbs & 5.5lbs)
    • The perfect antidote for a busy, chaotic life, peppermint is a refreshing botanical that leaves you feeling clean, renewed and restored. Step into a Peppermint Scented bath anytime you find yourself fatigued. Peppermint bath salt can provide wonderful relief from a difficult day and instantly lifting your spirits. The cooling properties of peppermint work to soothe your muscles and body, while its aromatic vapor helps you reach a replenished state of mind. Our Peppermint infused Magnesium Bath Salts are perfect for muscle relief.

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