Discover Delicious Sources that Have Magnesium

"It is shocking, frankly, how little people know, how little doctors know, about this vital mineral (magnesium)."
-Dr. Jay S. Cohen, MD, author of "The Magnesium Solution for High Blood Pressure"

Why Magnesium?

Discover Delishious Foods that Have MagnesiumThis is exactly how I felt when researching the benefits from this overlooked element, a valuable staple that is directly responsible for over 300 enzymatic reactions in the human body. While magnesium was originally only used to counter high blood pressure and pregnancy complications, it has now been linked to help against common ailments such as fatigue, migraines, and osteoporosis. Even uncommon illnesses like insomnia, diabetes, and heart disease have been recorded as having correlation with magnesium deficiency. In layman's terms: It's pretty gosh darn important.

Ok, so enough about the why, and let's focus on the how: how do you get your hands on that sweet, sweet magnesium? Most experts will say a combination of dietary magnesium and absorbable magnesium supplements will in many cases, suffice.

Dietary Magnesium

Dark green vegetables, such as spinach and collard greens, are great source of magnesium.This is easily the most delicious way to introduce magnesium into your life. According to the World Health Organization, three quarters of all Americans have magnesium deficient diets. Dark green vegetables, such as spinach and collard greens, are considered “superfoods” due to their low-calorie, high benefits nature. Snacking on them with some sunflower seeds, almonds, cashews or pecans throughout the day will help insure that you reach your daily magnesium intake. For a meatier alternative, fish can also be a great source. Halibut, tuna and salmon form a recommended “once a week or more “for best results.

I know what you're thinking: of course all these foods have magnesium in them; they have everything good in them; tell me something I don't know!

Well my eager and intelligent audience, here are a couple of curve balls: magnesium can also be abundantly found in potassium enriched bananas, vitamin infused avocados, and even dark chocolate and low-fat yogurt. Congratulations my inquisitive pupils, you are now ready to cook your way to magnesium excellence! Bon Apatite!

Absorbable Magnesium Supplements

There are two forms of magnesium supplements: oral and transdermal. While most common application practices involve orally ingesting magnesium, these sometimes have undesirable side effects. Applying it topically, however, has recently gained traction as a more effective approach to intake. Transdermal therapy can be used via oil, balm, lotion, or salt and its effects are immediately felt, believing to regenerate healthy cells 5x faster than oral therapy. These can be applied by a professional such as a massage therapist for optimal use, but can easily be utilized privately as well.

The Take Away

So what did we learn here? Magnesium is good, for starters. I mean it's really good and in ways we are only beginning to understand and recognize for its health benefits. We also learned that there are a few ways to replenish magnesium deficient cells with certain foods and products. But I think we also learned today that I am, in fact, not a licensed doctor or teacher and strongly recommend doing some research yourself. The studies on magnesium and its positive effects on the human body (by real doctors all around the world) are astonishing and quite honestly, eye-opening. But if you want something with a little less medical jargon, don't take my word for it; just put some halibut on the grill and start feeling better about everything yourself.


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