10 Great Hikes Within 10 Miles of Mg12

10 Great Hikes Within 10 Miles of Mg12

Isn’t it such a beautiful area here on the border of North and South Carolina? Placed perfectly at the feet at the Blue Ridge Mountains and surrounded by surreal rivers, creeks, and waterfalls. Undoubtedly, one of the most diverse areas of the world in terms of flora and fauna, as well.  Even looking out the window of a car during any season of the year constantly reminds this writer why he lives here, and is most likely going to continue to reside in this inexplicably stunning part of the planet. To cut to the chase (or should I say “the consistent pace”) I’ll be counting down Mg12’s favorite places to simply walk through nature. Be it a leisurely walk or strenuous exercise you are looking for, we’ll be sure to give you at least one great recommendation, or remind you of one that you already love. And here’s the kicker, they are right in our gorgeous back yard. Links with information are in the trail titles of the list.

Number 10, the Tryon Woodland Trail

Located directly behind the IGA Grocery Store here in Tryon, NC. And not even a half mile from the Mg12 Office, the wilderness trail is a perfect hike for an afternoon stroll or a nice picnic. It totals out around a mile and is littered with many different wildflowers and trees. Although it’s at the top of the list, it doesn’t diminish how nice this hike can be. (There is no website available for this trail)

Number 9, Pearson’s Falls

If you’re from the area, there is no denying you know about Pearson’s Falls. A simple walk in itself, but none the less a beautiful 90-foot waterfall resides at the trails end. Owned and kept by the Tryon Garden Club. There is an admission to view the falls however, $5 dollars per adult, $1 dollar for kids 6-12, but free admission for kids under 6. All information can be found at their website, including directions.

Number 8, F.E.N.C.E.

F.E.N.C.E. stands for the Foothills Equestrian Nature Center, and is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the community in all things nature. So, with this mission statement it’s obvious that they have some amazing hiking trails to stroll. With six miles of hiking trails, including a hard-paved trail for those not able to complete the more strenuous trails. F.E.N.C.E. can be fun for the whole family, in multiple different natural aspects.

Number 7, Norman Wilder

A hike between Tryon and Saluda on Hwy 176. Norma Wilder, consists of dense canopies for shade in a 180-acre protection by the Pacolet Area Conservancy. There are many natural rock formations, hardwood trees, and dense foliage. The trail is two to three miles, with steps and bridges making it a nice moderate hike. Here is more information on this beautiful hike.

Number 6, Green River Preserve

The Green River Preserve is the second largest conservation in all of western NC, and holds some of the most biologically diverse wildlife in the Continental United States. There are so many hikes throughout this entire preserve it’s hard to just to suggest just one. But it is easy to suggest going to the Green River Preserve website for information on the plethora of natural treasures that these mountain slopes hold.

Number 5, Little Bradley Falls

If you are looking for a leisurely hike with some river crossings and a swimming hole. This is your go to. Roughly 1.9 miles Little Bradly Falls is an unmarked trail right outside of Saluda, NC. Since its unmarked its best to find out where the trail head is located at exactly 3 miles off exit 59 at I-26. At the bottom of the mountain you’ll see a pull out on the left with a metal gate. Walk across the street and cross Bradley Creek. You should see a small trail which is the trail head. Also, just know since this is unmarked just keep following the river and you will reach the falls. Further help can be found here.

Number 4, Chestnut Heritage Preserve

One of my favorite hikes. Located on Oak Grove Road in Landrum, SC. The Chestnut Heritage Preserve is a moderately difficult dirt trail roughly three miles long. It takes you up the south side of Squirrel Mountain and ends at the South Pacolet River. Some parts are uninteresting but further up the trail you see beautiful rock outcroppings, lush hardwood forests, and many an animal. The diversity of this trail is what sets it apart.

Number 3, Big Bradley Falls

Big Bradley Falls is a gorgeous 75’ waterfall wedged in a tiny gorge. Located directly across from the trail head for Little Bradley Falls, these two can be perfect for a full day hike. Use caution when coming to the top of the trail ridge however, several people have died on these trails over time. So children past the creek crossing is strongly not recommended. Also, for those who do live on the wild side, there are repelling stations all over the rocks at the overlooks. Just an idea to get your blood pumping.

Number 2, Missing 40

A very peaceful hike, and that’s why it’s so close to the top of the list. There isn’t much to say other than the fact that you will feel completely with nature on this short roundabout. Not too hard, not too easy, the Missing 40 is a go to in Saluda. To reach the rail head, off Pearson’s Falls Road, you will go through a tunnel and the trail head will be on the right.

Number 1, The Blue Wall

The Blue wall is 22,000 acres of conserved land that provide clean drinking water, quiet recreation and the protection of ecological diversity in the southern blue ridge mountains. With multiple trails, waterfalls, and wildly diverse animals and plants, there is no wonder why the Blue Wall is at the top of our list.



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