Great Testimonial on Restless-leg Syndrome

Hi Tom,


I hope you are doing well.  And, Happy New Year.   I was looking on your website about your products and the various ailments and pain that magnesium can eliminate.   My wife Beth has suffered from restless leg syndrome for a while; and on those nights when the nerves are firing she cannot sleep.  She will get up and stretch, sometimes sit in the bath or perhaps get something to eat.  I was asking her about this the other day and she told me that it was prevalent in about 10% of the population.   Medical research doesn’t know what causes it or how to prevent it; but perhaps it is a lack of iron or magnesium in the body.   She mentioned that she didn’t want to take iron as it causes constipation.   I told her that she should rub  your product on her calves, and after a stretch of a few sleepless nights I rubbed her down.  The RLS did not fire up or bother her that night.  She continued to use the oil every night, and got a good night’s sleep without any issues with RLS.  One particular night she did not apply it, and was awakened with the flare up.   She applied the oil, after a few minutes it settled down and she was able to get back to sleep. 


I read a little bit about RLS, and some homeopathic sites talk about taking magnesium orally and after a few weeks this might help the symptoms.   In our case, your product worked immediately.  She was joking just the other day that she would like to invest in your company, as the night she didn’t apply the oil it was an experiment for her to see if this was the reason for elimination of her issue.  Apparently, it was. 


Because of the large audience suffering from this problem, I think it might behoove you to do some research and perhaps talk to some medical personnel that deal with this particular malady.  It might open up a new marketing channel for your products.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  This has been really helpful to Beth and both of us appreciate your product.


Best regards,


Doug Roy




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