Psoriasis, Relief Testimony

Here is another amazing testimonial from Gayle Thompson. We’ll let the letter speak for itself!

Gayle Thompson

From Spartanburg, SC

                “Several months ago, my friend and I went on a “field trip” to a new shop in Tryon, N.C. The product they sell is Mg12. We had great reviews from some of our friends and family that had also heard about it (also through Dr. Rosenberg, during my nephew’s hip replacement) This product has helped me with a condition I have on my elbows – extreme scaly psoriasis. The white lesions were so embarrassing; I always wore long sleeves. The products I bought were for general use – the shampoo, the bath soap, and the balm. After a couple of weeks, I noticed the red had subsided in my psoriasis and the white scales were disappearing. I was thrilled. I can say the psoriasis has almost completely disappeared. I am starting my second round of balm and really expect it to be gone in time for summer and short sleeve shirts. Thank you Mg12.”

We here at Mg12 are overjoyed with testimonials like this. To think we could help a woman, who couldn’t wear short sleeved shirts (something that we all likely take for granted) now can be cool and comfortable this summer. Another great reason to add to list of why we do what we do.



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