Great Testimonial from our friend Pam Stone

Great Testimony from our friend

Pam Stone 

So I'm carrying our elderly terrier up the deck steps when the cat runs between my legs and down I go, all the weight on my left wrist, hand. Could not flex my wrist at all- was sure I'd broken something in it- even if my finger tips brushed something, it was agony. I went to ER where no fracture was found, just ligament and tendon strain. The back of my hand was very swollen and I decided against prescribed pain pills, opting to slather the Mg12 oil and balm all over my hand and wrist that night, before I went to bed. To be honest, I doubted I'd even get much sleep, it hurt so much. By the morning, Scout's Honor, it was FINE. I couldn't believe it! Sure, there was residual ouchiness if I really stressed it by carrying my horses' filled water buckets during barn chores, but I could twist and flex my wrist and hand and use my fingers with NO pain, whatsoever. I've applied the oil to my 15 year old Jack Russell's hips and back and she looks really good as well and I'm also applying it, as well as the balm, to my injured horse's stifle injury. He'll be ultra sounded in a week- can't wait to see the results! Great product!!







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