Great Testimonial from a Triathlete Coach (Katie Malone) - Malone Coaching

Hi John,
Sorry I have been meaning to get back in touch with you and give you the feedback from my athletes. Even more importantly last week I really pulled something where my hamstring inserts behind my knee. I was pretty sure that I was done for the season. Instead I used the MG12 morning, noon and night on it and amazingly the next day I was able to do my workout and run with some of my athletes and I was fine!
Last weekend after a long hard bike ride in the mountains I used Mg12 only on my left leg before and after. I had very little muscle soreness the next day compared to the right leg which I used nothing on. Doing an experiment like that tells me what wonders your product works! I have another big weekend this weekend so will try it again.
Thank you for giving my team the opportunity to try it. As you can see most of them are very excited about it and the ones who did not get samples want them. I have a few more samples I can give out so I will get the last few mailed out today.


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