Magnesium Oil for Tics and Twitches

What Is A Tic or Twitch?

We’ve all seen a tic. Someone who suddenly jerks, has a yelp, or blinks rapidly. It’s a difficult problem to live with. Tics, or Transient Tic Disorder, is when someone has abrupt and uncontrollable muscle movement or vocal sounds that are far different from their normal mannerisms. Tourette’s Syndrome, which is typically the first “Tic Disorder” people think of. Tourette’s Syndrome is when Physical and Verbal Tics occur in the same individual, often at the same time, and is the most aggressive form of Transient Tic Disorder.

Causes for Tics and Twitches

There is currently not a known cause for this behavior. They might be inherited, possibly through a slight genetic mutation. Brain Abnormalities, could be another cause, or neurotransmitters. Simply put, we don’t understand why tics happen. Although some “cures” help individuals with less severe symptoms. Prescriptions can be given but they are typically to lower Dopamine in the brain, which lead to lack of motivation, addictive behavior, mood swings, fatigue, and memory loss. So most people are turning to natural remedies, and finding relief.

A Possible Natural Relief

For instance, many parents are finding tic relief with their children by turning to Magnesium. Almost all of the symptoms associated with tics are linked to Magnesium Deficiency. Magnesium Deficiency is especially rampant in today’s society due to soil depletion and unhealthy diets. Almost 70% of Americans are deficient in this vital mineral essential for over 30 different enzymic reactions within the body. Some symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency are actually Restless Leg Syndrome and Exaggerated Startle Responses, both linked to uncontrollable physical impulses. Magnesium levels can be raised through diet, but very poorly. The best way to raise magnesium levels is through transdermal therapy with Magnesium Chloride. This is due to Magnesium Chloride’s ability to be a vasodilator (which means it widens the blood vessels) better adhering to the blood stream and maximizing absorption into the body. It’s a healthy all natural relief for ticks and twitches throughout the body.

Now, I’m not saying it will completely” cure” ticks, but you will get up to 80% relief from them. Severity, and frequency of ticks will subside. There are many testimonies’ for how magnesium can help in a variety of different ways, and this is just one of many.


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