5 Overlooked Superfoods That Won't Break The Bank

Having a diet that is rich in nutrients is one of the best ways to become an all-around fitter and healthier person. Superfoods are so called because they are amongst the elite foods that pack a lot of nutrients into a single serving. However, one well-known fact exists; eating healthy is expensive.

I’m here to tell you, eating healthy doesn’t have to be running you out of house and home. Many regular food staples are considered superfoods and should not be overlooked.

By adding the foods on this list, you can instantly increase your overall health as well as saving your sweet sweet coin.

The benefits may surprise you.

  1. Oats

Oats are an excellent choice for breakfast as the soluble fiber they provide LOWERS cholesterol and balances blood sugar levels, meaning you won’t have an energy crash later in the morning. Just add milk and a handful of fruit and you have one incredibly healthy breakfast that will keep you going until lunch.

Also, some quick facts:

  • Oat Antioxidants Reduce Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
  • Oats May Offer Significant Cardiovascular Benefits for Postmenopausal Women
  • Oats May Enhance Immune Response to Infection
  • Oats and Other Whole Grains Substantially Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk
  • Fiber from Whole Grains, Such as Oats, and Fruit Protective against Breast Cancer
  1. Spinach

Remember those Popeye cartoons where Popeye would eat a can of spinach and develop superhuman strength? Well, it’s not too far from the truth. Spinach contains vitamins and minerals that help sharpen your eyesight, strengthen your bones, and even develop your brain. Try switching out lettuce for spinach in your diet and reap the rewards.

Spinach Quick Facts

  • Great Source of Magnesium
  • May Reduce Risk of Skin Cancer
  • Increases Muscle Efficiency
  • Spinach Multi-Oxidant Beta-Carotene Helps Prevent Cancer
  • Contains Strong Anti-Aging Properties
  1. Eggs

An egg is typically only 60-80 calories and is a great source of protein which repairs and builds muscles. Contrary to popular belief there is no evidence they raise cholesterol, there is evidence that they HELP protect against heart disease. It’s also been shown they protect against certain types of cancer such as breast cancer. Eggs also contain many essential vitamins and minerals and help you feel fuller for longer; preventing binge eating. All this from one small simple egg.

Egg Fast Facts

  • Promote Healthy Hair and Nail Growth
  • Contains 9 Essential Amino Acids
  • Help Prevent Cataract Development
  • One of The Only Foods Naturally Containing Vitamin D
  • Promote Weight Loss Through Protein Prioritization
  1. Avocado

Avocado contains the kind of healthy fats and nutrients that improve brain power, fight the signs of aging, stop fatigue, and overcome depression. While they are high in calories, like eggs, they can help you to lose weight by making you feel fuller. The hype is real behind these strange looking fruits.

Avocado Facts

  • Anti-Fungal, Anti-Microbial, and Anti-Inflammatory
  • Regulates High Blood Pressure
  • Soluble Fiber for Digestion
  • More Potassium than a Banana
  • Increases Muscle Development
  1. Yogurt

Yogurt contains good bacteria which greatly improves your digestion system. The digestive system takes up to 60% of your bodies resources which is why it’s so important to keep it in good health. As well as boosting your digestive health, yogurt also helps to strengthen teeth and bones thanks to its high levels of calcium and protein. Yogurt can also be a treat, making this a fridge essential.

Benefits of Yogurt

  • Helps Curb Hunger
  • Lowers Hypertension
  • Maintains Healthy Skin and Reproductive Health
  • Aids in Alleviating Constipation, Diarrhea, and Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Supports Oral Health




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