How to Improve Athletic Performance with Magnesium

Tryon, N.C. business offers locally made therapeutic mineral products using Dead Sea salts to naturally enhance athletic performance, reduce muscle spasms and cramps, and benefit overall health

TRYON, N.C. (March 23, 2015): The benefits of magnesium has been making headlines in the health and wellness industry due to its ability to improve skin, heart, and mental health, as well as boosting energy, increasing oxygen, and aiding muscles to heighten athletic performance. Mg12 The Power of MagnesiumTM, based in Tryon, N.C., offers athletes a range of transdermal magnesium therapy – or topical – treatments that harness magnesium for just these purposes.

Mg12 The Power of MagnesiumTM supplements feature Dead Sea salts that contain the highest concentration of magnesium chloride than any other body of water in the world as well. The human body requires magnesium to perform over 300 enzymatic functions and this vital mineral is most easily taken into the body through the skin. For athletes, Mg12 The Power of MagnesiumTM products work with their bodies to increase oxygen, provide energy, and help remove the lactic acids that cause muscles to ache.

Jeremy Pettit has been researching and writing on phytochemistry for nearly 20 years practicing for 10 years and practicing as a Physician’s Assistant for 10 years. “I have frequently recommended these types of products,” Pettit says, “and this transdermal magnesium, in its multiple delivery forms, is without exception the best I’ve ever recommended to my patients and the only one I recommend.”

Mg12 The Power of MagnesiumTM provides athletes with a selection of specifically designed products to aid in training, competing and recovering – besides ultra-pure MagneSoothe Magnesium OilTM for application to the skin, they also offer Dead Sea Bath Salts, MagneSoap, MagneSport Oil (infused with arnica and essential oils), MagneDeodorant, Body Balm and Shampoo. Magnesium products allow consumers to enhance physical performance and improve their body’s necessary functions in a natural, therapeutic way.

With spring and summer races and sports festivals on the horizon, it’s important to ensure that your body is ready for all that strenuous activity by building up your magnesium levels naturally.

Take the Mg12 The Power of MagnesiumTM on a test run with one of these methods. Please use caution when using the products on open wounds or sores as the salts may sting.

Method for Boosting Magnesium Levels: After a long workout or if recovering from an injury, follow these steps to boost your body’s magnesium levels naturally.

  1. Soak body neck down in 4-5 cups from 20-45 minutes in the Dead Sea Bath Salts each night. Maximum absorption occurs with 45 minutes. For best results, soak several times per week. Injured foot or wrist? Soak only the feet or hand(s) in ¼ cups of Dead Sea Bath Salts.
  2. Rub MagneSport Oil into the painful areas or muscle groups that you exercised that day. The arnica and essential oils help reduce swelling and bruising.
  3. Rub the Body Balm onto specific areas of pain or discomfort, which also helps hydrate your skin.
  4. Repeat daily for 2-3 weeks to reach maintenance level.

Method for Body Magnesium Maintenance: After reaching maintenance level, follow these steps to maintain your body’s magnesium level and target aches and pains.

  1. Rub MagneSport Oil onto the muscle groups you worked on that day or the muscles that are sore. The oil absorbs straight into the muscle faster than oral supplements and is designed to optimize muscle function and endurance.
  2. Let the oil soak into your skin for five minutes. This process restores the balance between the magnesium and calcium in your body.
  3. Shower and repeat after each workout.
  4. Have a pulled or extra achy muscle? Add a Dead Sea Bath Salt soak. No time for a soak? Rub MagneSoothe Magnesium OilTM onto the painful muscle areas. These oils soothe skin, balance calcium, and energize cells.

About Mg12 The Power of Magnesium

Mg¹² is located in Tryon, North Carolina, and brings you all-natural mineral supplements from the Dead Sea. Since 2006, they have been committed to enhancing the lives of others in need by making products that can safely improve conditions necessary for better health. The magnesium oil products we have assembled are powerful tools in the fight for healthy living naturally and hope it will help you as they have helped others. For more information or to purchase products, visit us on Facebook  Mg12 or call 877.331.4252.



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