Amazing Wound Healing (Graphic Photo)

Do not try this at home! If you are injured please allow a healthcare professional to examine you and address the problem.

A couple of weeks back a softball player came to me after running into a chain link fence during a game. The fence split his chin open (see photos below). He needed stitches but did not have insurance or the money to get them. Naturally, he asked me to clean and bandage he wound.

First, I shaved his chin, so the bandage would stick. Then I cleaned the wound with our new Magnetically Charged Iodine to help kill any bacteria that could cause infection.

After a couple of days of monitoring the wound for infection and making sure the wound stayed closed. He applied the MagneSmoothe Cream to not only help with the pain but to also help with the healing and scaring process.

The results were nothing less than amazing! Take a look at the photos below (Warning: The photo is a little graphic.)

The wound was deep enough to stick the head of a q-tip in it.
The "after photo" was taken 6 days later and was nearly 90% healed.

This just goes to show how amazing the ingredients can be in the MangeSmoothe Cream!

If you apply the MagneSmoothe Cream to an open wound or cut it will burn. To avoid the cream from burning, please allow it to scab first.

Applying Iodine to an open wound or cut can burn (similar to alcohol).



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