Powerful minerals

If you are not familiar with Dr. Joel Wallach he is a veterinarian who turned doctor because he and other vets were able to cure more than 70 diseases with mineral supplementation.

He is 70 years old and has the bone density of an 18 year old all because of the mineral supplements he takes.


He promotes a liquid mineral supplement called Youngevity Plant Derived Minerals. He does not make money buy selling these minerals because he has asked the question "How to you trust a doctor who tells you to take something when he makes money off of it?" These minerals are very affordable and could change your health.

Why are these minerals so amazing? Most mineral supplements you only assimilate around 10 - 70% but with these minerals the body can assimilate around 90% of them. The reason why the minerals in Youngevity are so special is because they are from rich fossil deposits from the pre-flood era and have not been affected by polluted air, soil or water. Here is a video that talks more about Dr. Wallach and Youngevity.

I heard about Dr. Wallach a long time ago from a video he did called "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" and it was about why he became a doctor, why minerals are so important, what minerals can prevent certain diseases, and he also talks about doctors who have died from the specific diseases that they specialized in and why. I could not find that same video I saw years ago but here is another one he did that is similar.


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