MagneCharge is here!

Over the next few days we will be getting everything up online and ready for you to order.

Here is a look at the MagneCharge promo video.

MagneCharge is a second generation magnesium oil based solution. MagneCharge has broken new ground on combining the dynamic effects of concentrated Dead Sea sourced magnesium with a special blend of arnica, essential oils, and sodium bicarbonate. The MagneCharge combination of ingredients works synergistically to enhance the positive effects on the human body. It was especially designed for active persons, especially athletes, who want to increase energy levels, reduce inflammation and cramping, enhance the immune system, improve mental attitude, and overall function.

MagneCharge may have been designed for the more active person or the athlete, but it doesn't mean it can't help the less active or the average person as well. MagneCharge's special blend of ingredients has a vast range of health benefits and can be used by just about anyone for obtaining a positive effect on the body.

MagneCharge is designed so that it:
• can be used before training or athletic events, for increasing electrolyte levels
• can be applied during training or athletic events, to increase endurance and energy
• can be applied after training or athletic events, to relax the body, reduce cramping, inflammation, and general muscle soreness
• can be applied quickly with no messy excess of oils, by a pump action sprayer
• can be applied over the whole body in seconds
• can be used as a daily deodorant, with immune and energy enhancing properties

More information and purchacing will be avaliable on the website within the next few days so stay tuned!


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