Magnesium Oil for Acne

Customer E-mail to Magnesoothe:
Just FYI, I have to tell you about another therapy with magnesium oil. It is incredible for acne treatments. As an adult close to 50 I get them in specific areas and they reoccur in those areas and M-oil "kills" the bacteria before it can reach the surface.

Just thought you'd like to know.

Thanks for sending that in to us Dino. I know that there are a lot of people that have that same problem and have yet to find a solution to it.

How does it work? Here is my theory. I think there are a few things that the magnesium oil does to help eliminate or reduce acne.

1) I think Dino was on the right page with the bacteria. It might kill some bacteria but I think over all it makes an environment that bacteria doesn't like to flourish in.

2) Magnesium oil is known to make the skin healthier and when something is healthy it functions more properly. Your skin consists of different glans, tissue, fat, hair, pores, etc. The skin also regulates body temperature, stores water and fat, is a sensory organ, prevents water loss, and prevents entry of bacteria. So as you can see there are a lot of things that can go wrong when your skin is not healthy.

3) Our skin is the largest organ that we have and it is constantly under attack. Dirt, bacteria, viruses, funguses, and chemicals are working every minute of every day to get into our body through our skin. It is my understanding that dirt and grease/oil get trap in the skin and bacteria find it as a nice new home and that is what causes acne. I also understand that sugar plays a role in providing additional food for the bacteria. All of these things combined form an infection in the skin and result in a "pimple." Well, magnesium oil not only can make your skin healthy so your glans and pores can get rid of the dirt and grease/oil or fight of the bacteria but if an infection does rise it will help keep the inflammation down and help dry it out.

When people think about health, they usually think about the inside, but the outside is just as important. Health starts on the outside and our skin is the first line of defense. We need to make sure that our skin gets the right nutrients it needs in order to stay health and function properly.

When asked "what would you recommend for healthier skin?" we always recommend MagneSmoothe Arnica Infused Magnesium Oil Body Cream!
Acne Magnesium Oil For Skin

Thanks again Dino for the e-mail. We alway welcome feedback on what Magnesoothe has done for someone!



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