Mmmm, Bread...

Here was another question in an e-mail we recieved:
"Going a step further, we wanted to drop gluten as well, but can’t seem to find a bread with a consistency resembling wheat (normal, soft) bread. Any thoughts there?"



Oh, I love bread. My mom used to make homemade bread all the time and it would make the house smell like a bakery!
I have gone down the gluten-free trail before, it lasted for a little more than a year and boy that is a bumpy and uncomfortable road! I guess you could say that bread is one of my vices but I do my best to stay away from the gluten as much as I can. First I would say, if you have gluten problem then a vegan diet with digestive enzymes and a good probiotic will help a lot. I also, would do a lot of juicing and smoothies.
But you asked about bread and not how to help a gluten issue. A good store bought gluten-free bread is hard to come by and most of the time they are down right dry and gross! The only solution that I was able to come up with was 2 fold, wraps and fresh homemade gluten free bread. A good spinach wrap is the best replacement for bread when it comes to sandwiches. For a vegan wrap try avocado, apple, red peppers, romaine lettuce, thin sliced zucchini, and a little roasted red pepper salad dressing. If you aren't going for the vegan route then add a little chicken to it. Mmmm, mmm, good!
I never stuck with one homemade gluten-free bread for 2 reason, eating the same bread over and over again gets boring and I was looking for the best I could make. You might say that making bread is hard and takes time. No, not at all when you cheat. I use a bread maker and it is super easy,  as easy as adding the ingredients and pressing play. If you are looking for a quick and easy solution then your local health food store will probably carry a gluten-free bread mix and most of those are pretty good. I tried Bob's Red Mill and it is pretty good. The only thing about making your own is that you go through a lot of trial and error to find a recipe that you like but it will get you a good fresh bread that you'll enjoy. The only problem is that fresh gluten-free bread doesn't last long, maybe 24 - 48 hours, because it starts to dry out, so when it gets to that point try it toasted.

Whe it comes to gluten-free recipes I tried everything from coconut flower, hemp seed flower, flax seed flower, and on down and they all taste different and have different textures too.
Best recommendation is to start with one you thing you'll like and don't give up when you find that you don't:) Also, try things like adding a half of banana of some apple sauce to your mix (not to much or it want raise) to help make soft/moist.

Best of luck on that adventure and if you find one that you enjoy please fill free to share it with us.


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