Let Food be your Medicine

Dr. Arden Andersen is a medical doctor with more than a passing interest in the real medicine of Hippocrates (food) and a progressive agronomist. He not only practeses but he also teaches and works as field consultant.

This busy and very bright man took a moment to to sit down with Acres U.S.A. for an interview and this is what he had to say:


“Let food be your medicine,”so said Hippocrates, but nowadays the medical profession seems to think that medicine should be our food.What is your take on all this?

In fact I was at a conference in Chicago a couple weeks ago where there was an excellent presentation made by a doctor showing that 75 percent, in some cases more, of all medical research today is actually funded by industry — the drug makers. With that understanding, most or many doctors are going to insist, “Well, gee, drugs are going to take care of everything!” The last thing they want to use is something that’s going to replace that research money — and that would be food.

But in fact there are a lot of things in addition to food that replace the cold-tar derivative drugs.


Of course. There are many herbal blends, a lot of extracts from food, a lot of nutrients that should be in food (and in some cases are in food) that actually provide the same kind of medicinal results in disease and illness as drugs. They do so in a much different way, however. The reality is that drugs... (to continue reading this interview please click here.)



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