Protect Your Kids from Becoming Slaves!

I am a father of three and I am always concerned about what my kids are eating,breathing, and what they might be putting on there skin. What they are getting subconsciously is a different story, I have just been to distracted with the physical dangers to really think about the mental ones.

I have always know that there is has been a constant push from many companies to sell our children on fun item to wear, eat, or play with but I didn't know is that there is a much more creepy, greedy, and disrespectful side to all of that.

Any good parent should take a moment to see this free 60 minute documentary on how the industry surrounding child marketing is brainwashing our kids into becoming consumer slaves.

Warning: Some of the info you are about to learn may be seen as creepy and disrespectful to parents. It also may cause your blood to boil as it did mine!


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