3 MagneCharge/Magnesoothe Testimonials for 1 Person

Here is a tesimonial we recieved the other day on how both Magnesoothe and MagneCharge has help them:


" The products from Magnesoothe have been a tremendous help to me on several different occasions. The first occurrence was when I started getting back into shape and was playing full court basketball a couple of times each week. Towards the end of the work out I was having problems with cramping in my calf muscles. Applying Magnesoothe not only curbed the problems if they started to flare up, but it also helped prevent the problem if I rubbed my calf muscles down with Magnesoothe before playing.

Another time that Magnesoothe provided relief for me was when I pulled a muscle in my back. It was a muscle just below my shoulder blade that was knotted up and causing me quite a bit of discomfort. I tried deep tissue massages, and even rubbing in Magnesoothe, but nothing seemed to help. After a week, the pain and discomfort was just as strong. As a last resort, I soaked a towel in Magnesoothe, and wrapped my back up to keep it from leaking. I slept on the wrap, and in the morning the tension and pain was completely gone.

Finally, I had injured my shoulder, and was dealing with more and more pain, and stiffness in the joint and surrounding muscles. With my flag football season approaching I tried rubbing the shoulder down with Magnecharge prior to warming up for a pick-up game. Although the pain in the joint was still there, the Magnecharge helped loosen up the muscles and helped relieve most of the tension and pain. I have been applying Magnecharge to my shoulder most nights before going to bed, and again to the muscles around the shoulder prior to warming up. I am able to play with minimal pain and no loss of arm strength."             -D. Woodside


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