Natural Flu Remedy?

It's worth a try!


Hydrogen Peroxide
Some studies have shown that the flu virus enters the body through the ear canals.  If you’re able to catch your symptoms within the first few hours, try placing a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in each ear every few hours.  The peroxide kills the virus before it has the opportunity to multiply and really take hold.  You may still have flu symptoms for a few days however, that’s much better than the standard two-week recovery period. (I use this regularly anytime I feel like I'm getting sick, and usually I'm better with 3 days or so - not sure if it's due to this remedy or not, but it's a nice change from 1-2 weeks down!) And a bottle of peroxide is pennies compared to flu shots or even most over the counter medications (which only treat symptoms - not the flu itself).


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