Healing the Gastro-Intestinal Tract

This is one of the most comprehensive articles on the GI tract, (healing, repairing, and maintaining it) that I have ever read. It goes into the causes of different GI illnesses, maintaining healthy gut flora (what types flora you need), what foods that help digestion and flora, and much more. If you have GI issues or know someone that suffers from it, then this is a must read. (A short but detailed read)

Five thousand years ago, Chinese physicians declared, “Health begins at the mouth.” A century ago the work of colonic therapists echoed their insight.
Healing the GI tract is a major factor in both recovery from health problems and maintaining wellness. If we can begin to understand what our GI tract is, where it comes from and what it does, its critical role in health and wellness is obvious. Over 500 million years ago, the first ocean animals funneled seawater through a tube. This filtering system for extracting nutrients later evolved into the first digestive system. Instead of extending roots into the soil to extract nutrients as plants do, these early life forms essentially picked up their roots and carried them around. Today, our GI tracts are highly evolved, complex “root systems” too, extracting nutrients from the food passing through our bodies—our “soil.”.... view or download the full PDF article here


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