The Power of Activated Manuka Honey

How to cure Candida infections and other illness with AMH (Activated Manuka Honey). And What is Activated Manuka Honey?

Not too long ago, when I was looking up information for our post on Healing the GI Tract, I came across a thread on titled "How to cure Candida with HONEY". I LOVE honey. I eat it nearly every day so this intrigued me! From my research I always believed that honey was something not to eat if you have a Candida (yeast) problem, because the Candida will feed off of it. This thread, along with some more research, has changed my mind on AMH only and no other honeys. Continue reading to know why. 


How to cure Candida with HONEY:
 I suffered from constant bacterial infections, liver problems, joint pains, food intolerance, mycoplasmas, viruses, and Even Tuberculosis and osteomyltis.  By far the best method to
regain health for me & would recommend it to anyone. Is follow the candida diet to the best of your abilities but do not be too extreme and use what has helped me beyond any doubt , Raw Active organic honey, Honeys I can recommend that actively kill candida & bacteria's in the gut are ofcourse Manuka honey from NZ... read more.
What is Activated Manuka Honey?
 It is now ever more clear that Manuka Honey aids with a number of health problems and can become effective to your overall energy levels as well as general well-being. Just what can make this kind of honey so special? Manuka Honey consists of a special form of non-peroxide, antibacterial components called UMF, or a Unique Manuka Factor, which can be unaffected by body fluids, light and moderate heat and so consistent as well as stable. Whilst it has been proved that Manuka Honey has been beneficial rather than harmful, scientific studies are continuing to uncover the unique and powerful properties that make up this honey... read more.

Final Verdict: My research on AMH could not be complete without trying some. It is expensive, but well worth it if it works for you and more affordable than medicine/doctor visit.

Manuka honey not only tastes different than other honeys but it also has a different consistency than other honeys as well. The consistency is much like caramel but without the sticking to your teeth part and it is very sweet.

If you or someone you know suffers from some of the issue listed in articles, try some Activated Manuka honey and see if it will help... It's worth a try and if nothing else, it taste good:)

There are many places to buy on the internet, but one of my favorites is because they have cheaper shipping good prices. (FYI: we are not sponsored by

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