How I Healed My Son’s Skin Infection (Without Antibiotics)

How I Healed My Son's Skin Infection Without Antibiotics"Why I chose my particular arsenal of ingredients from my natural medicine cabinet:
Activated Charcoal Powder: It draws out toxins extremely well and can eliminate harmful bacteria as well. This video that I watched last year came to mind as I considered whether I would use charcoal and how I would do it. (more info on activated charcoal)
Raw Honey: I needed something to make the charcoal into a paste with (otherwise it was just a powdery mess), and I chose raw honey because it also has antibacterial qualities and has been known to help heal other types of infections. (more info on Raw Honey & Activated Manuka Honey)
Tea Tree Essential Oil: For its antiseptic and antiviral qualities. I had also found a helpful blog post sharing how one women (and many others in the comments) had used tea tree oil for treating mollescum contagium." (more info on activated charcoal) full story.

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