2 Healthy Pancake Recipes :)

Here is a little something to kick-start your Saturday morning:


Recipe 1 of 2 "The Simple Banana Pancake"
100% Natural Pancakes Recipe – Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Flourless, Low Calorie, & Super Easy!
This is the easiest pancake recipe you will ever find in your LIFE!!!!! And it’s 100% made out of natural ingredients. No box mixes, no flour, no sugars…not even almond milk! It’s just 2 ingredients!

1 ripe banana
2 whole eggs

Just mix in a bowl and make sure the banana is all mashed up. Then coat your pan with coconut oil or some EVO on low to medium heat. Scoop some of the batter into the pan. Let is cook on one side for about 20-30 secs and flip. Cook the other side for about 20-30 secs too and then serve.

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Recipe 2 of 2 "The Sunwarrior Pancake"
These protein pancakes taste amazing! You are going to love them as soon as you sink your taste-buds into them.

200 ML egg whites – roughly 5 egg whites (link to our post on The Humble Egg)
2 Scoops Sunwarrior Vanilla plant based protein

Blend the egg whites with the powder and cook like a normal pancake.

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