Magnesium Oil and DMSO

DMSO Here is a question a customer emailed us and we felt like it was a great question and others may want to hear our response:

Q:I have been doing additional research on the uses of magnesium oil to help my wife with lower back and sciatica pain and have come across an article written by Walter Last for the use of DMSO with magnesium oil for improved absorption into the skin. I have been using your brand of magnesium oil for about one year now and was wondering if your magnesium oil has any DMSO properties contained in it. I believe the ********* ********* magnesium oil ultra does have DMSO. Your input would be greatly appreciated.

A: Greetings ************,

 I learned about DMSO a few years ago and it peaked my interest for a short while. I did my do diligence and researched it. What I found did not appeal to me. I found that DMSO originates from the wood/paper industry as by-product. It's really considered to be a solvent and can be very irritating to the skin and eyes. There have not been enough studies on it at this point to know the true value or negative effects of it, but my gut feeling is that it's poorly made and poorly controlled and it is not just a clean remnant of wood. I also don't like that the medical industry likes to use it as an organ transplant preservative or that it is a by-products. By-products normally leave other important parts of the original "item" behind that help make it safe and assimilable for us.
 When I herd about DMSO, my first thought was that it would help the absorption of magnesium oil, but with the inconclusive evidence of the processing, cleanliness, purity, and naturalness of DMSO, I am on the other side of the fence until that can be further clarified and studied. Further more, I don't think that magnesium oil, if properly made, needs any help with absorption and I base that off the thousands of confirmations/testimonials we have heard.
 As for claims of Ancient Minerals having DMSO properties, yes, this is true, but it is also a marketing ploy. The similarities of mag oil and DMSO are, they both absorb through the skin and they help with pain. But there are number of people that don't know or care about mag oil, but they do know and care about DMSO. This is where the marketing ploy comes into play, they make that generic claim to get those other people to look into or buy mag oil. This is where we like to separate ourselves from groups like that. Although they do carry to similarities, they are totally different! Magnesium Oil is completely different because, it is 100% natural and safe and It has the right minerals that will allow for the healing of tissues (etc) to take place, and even possibility prevent certain ailments.
 That is our 2 cent on the subject. I hope that it was helpful.

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