Ancient Minerals Makes Claims to Discredit Their Competition

Ancient Minerals Makes Claims to Discredit Their CompetitionA response to Ancient Minerals' recent facebook post on the Dead Sea being an unclean source for minerals... 

This is extremely disappointing to find out that Ancient Minerals has bought into this lie in an effort to discredit their competition! We have always made a conscious effort to never discredit any Mag Oil brand out there. We have always warned people to make sure that they know where their Mag Oil is sourced from and the cleanliness of it. We don't care where you get it as long as it is clean and helping you make a difference in your health.

Magnesoothe's Rebuttal to this outrageous claim: The Dead Sea has been known for centuries that it contains healing waters, but that poses a problem for a couple of groups, ie the pharmaceutical industry and all who hate Israel.

The easiest way for these 2 groups to throw a wet blanket on this fire is to deliver trash through the media and that is exactly what that is, trash articles!!

Consider this; One of Israel's largest sources of revenue is the Dead Sea (salt & mineral sourcing, spas & resorts, cosmetics, etc.) The Israeli government has the Dead Sea on lockdown to protect the history, the commerce, and the integrity of it! And lastly, there is minimal activity on the Dead Sea because it holds no aquatic life for commercial or game fishing and that equals that much less pollution.

Now to talk about the steps that are taken to ensure the cleanliness, clarity, and quality of Magnesoothe.

We use a company in Israel to source our raw minerals and they don't just scoop them up off the shore. To ensure the purity they source the Dead Sea's water from a deep northern basin that is away from "possible" coastal pollutants. Then they use solar evaporation to remove most water and help in the separation in unwanted minerals or impurities. Then they ship it to the states for us to take it through another process.

We blend the minerals back together using filtered water and then run it through a proprietary 4 stage filtration process to achieve optimum clarity! Even though we were extremely excited about the Dead Sea being the source for our Brand more than 7 years ago, we still asked for a Certificate of Analysis. What did we find in the COA? All the right stuff and none of the bad. Just check out this link and it will give you the ppm (parts per a million) of each element found in Magnesoothe.

Back to Ancient Minerals. Did you know that the "Godfather of Magnesium Oil", Dr. Mark Sircus is basically their spokesperson? And did you know that even after teaming up with Ancient Minerals he has continued to make references to the Dead Sea as a great source. Apparently, he didn't get the memo that their competition was using it as their source.

I will leave you with this... the Dead Sea and Magnesoothe has helped change the lives of many people and it wasn't because it contains pollutions or putrid waste, but because of it’s unequaled and amazing minerals! We know that the Dead Sea is not just a clean source, but the right source and that is why we will continue to use it. -Drew Banks Magensoothe


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