Diet Soda Kills Brain Cells


So, I'm sitting quietly in a small waiting room for an appointment the other day and while I'm waiting I am looking through an app on my phone called "Cool Facts". It tells you all kinds of weird and interesting facts like: Who the Statue if Liberty was modeled after or how many pounds of skin you replace in a lifetime or how many acres of pizza are eaten in the US each year. Most of them are pretty interesting and entertaining to read, but one struck me as a fact that should not exist! "Diet Soda kills brain cells because they use so many chemicals to make it diet". I was confused! Not that Diet Soda would do that to brain cells, but that it had been studied and was considered to be a fact and that the general public was either unaware or did not care. Also, why is this information not required to listed on the side of a bottle of Diet Soda like the Surgeon Generals Warning on a pack of cigarettes? I think that the average American is unaware of these effects and would like to know that it is not just weight that they are losing on diet drinks, but brain cells too! So, when I got back to the office, I had to look this up for myself and sure enough, "This excitotoxin (aspartame + caffeine) causes your brain cells to do this sort of leap of joy (translation=buzz) right before they die."  


Here is some further information on the subject of Diet Sodas:


6 Reasons To Put That Diet Soda DOWN Right Now



  1. Aspartame.  Aspartame causes frontal lobe inflammation/impairment.  The frontal lobes are responsible for the “executive function” of the brain, such as the ability to choose between good and bad (like Diet Coke bad, put down the Diet Coke good), comparing and contrasting, planning, multi-tasking, attention and working memory.  Aspartame also causes a slew of other problems such as symptoms that mimic multiple sclerosis, disturbances in vision (which is why pilots don’t drink it), headaches, migraines, neurological problems, cognitive (thinking) problems, seizures, and different types of cancers.  Plus it is addictive.  And it accumulates in the body because it is absorbed quickly and excreted slowly.  Would you like to super-size that?
  2. Caffeine.  Caffeine in and of itself is not necessarily a problem.  When it occurs naturally as a part of a whole food, like coffee, or some teas, it behaves very differently than when it is added.  Ever wonder why caffeine is used in sodas, anyway?  Probably not.  But I have.  So you already know that when Coca-Cola was first born it had cocaine in it to make it more addicting.  Caffeine became the substitute.   In other words, they deliberately put it in to hook you on it so that you will keep buying it and you will get sicker and fatter (more on that in a sec) while the manufacturer gets richer.  That really ticks me off.
  3. Aspartame + caffeine = a deadly combination.  As if each of these were not problem enough, together they form a very unique excitotoxin.  This excitotoxin causes your brain cells to do this sort of leap of joy (translation=buzz) right before they die.  Yes.  Together this combo kills brain cells.
  4. Diet soda makes you fat.  Studies show that within a few years of drinking diet soda, people weigh more than before they started.
  5. Phosphoric acid.  This acid causes the body to become more acidic, causing the body to use its mineral stores to maintain balance, and leading to weakened and mineral depleted bones.
  6. Increased risk of stroke and heart attack.
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