Another Great Testimony on how Mg12 has helped with Shoulder Pain


Tom, as you know, I have been a believer from day one. My husband has always been a bit hard headed and it took me awhile to convince him to give it a try. He has had a bad shoulder for years. He refuses surgery, so his only recourse has been steroid injections and enough ibuprofen to supply a small village. Needless to say, he now comes to me every morning with the oil and cream in hand, the one/two punch if you will:) He came home in a lot of pain today, the first day in weeks that he has felt that bad, and guess what, we forgot to use the MG12 this morning! I immediately ran upstairs and grabbed it and within minutes, he was feeling so much better!! It is not joke that the relief is INSTANT! Thank you, Tom, for sharing the miracle of Magnesium! ❤️


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