Great Testimonial from TriMarni - Coaching and Nutrition Team

 TriMarni Coaching and Nutrition

August 30 at 5:50pm

I love it when I'm introduced to good quality products that can naturally and safely enhance performance (thanks Katie Malone!)

We have been using Mg12 - The Power of Magnesium since April on a daily basis. Never have we experienced such quick muscle soreness recovery after hard workouts, thanks to the use of the Magne sport products and bath salts.

There are no additives, food dyes or unnecessary ingredients.

Karel and I are not injury-resistant athletes so we have to be extra careful in life and in training to keep ourselves healthy as we try to push our physical limits.

2016 has been an incredible season for us both and we know that Magne Sport has played a critical role in our athletic development this spring and summer.

If your muscles need some relaxing, use Trimarni for a 10% discount. Any questions, feel free to contact me or Karel.

(This is not a paid endorsement - we really do love this stuff!)



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