Great Testimony from a Massage Therapist


Dear Tom and the fabulous MG-12 family,

I want to start off by saying I don’t write many letters of testimony simply because there are not many products out there I truly believe in!


            I am a lover of all things science- and happen to be a medical massage therapist with a background in sports medicine. I come across so many products that claim to “rid the body of pain” in fact, I have spent a small fortune on said products, none have worked- that is until I found MG- 12! I was a skeptic at first- I know the roll magnesium plays in the body but it took several first-hand experiences to get it through my thick head that this stuff works!!!! 

            Being a massage therapist I tend to be the person who’s opinion is asked most often. I have suggested for many clients to just “try it” and give me feedback. The results have been amazing! Everything from easing menstrual cramps to erasing back pain! 

             I had the opportunity to really put it to the test this summer during Race Across America- imagine if you will 4 cyclists, and 10 crew members literally racing across from Oceanside, CA to Annapolis, MD. We expected every kind of pain and cramp known to man, surprisingly enough, there was not one! At least not major enough to be brought to my attention. I attribute this to the fact that we were practically bathing our cyclists in the Sport Oil.

            So after all of this trial, I decided to bring the Magnasoothebalm into my practice and use this on a regular basis with my own clients. Little did I know, I would be the one to benefit.  After a long day working with my hands, I normally leave fatigued and want to just wring my hands out. After about 3 days of using the balm regularly I no longer feel this way, in fact, I can go home and color in my adult coloring books- something I have not wanted to do in forever!!!

            So I know I am all over the place but bare with me- my last and final “test” was to give my mom product. She was having low back/hip pain and trying to stay off any and all painkillers by any means. Normally she would suffer in silence but happen to mention something about it, as she was getting ready to drive a long distance. I just reflexively tossed some balm into her bag and suggested she use it twice a day. She used it right then and then called me when she got to her destination saying she was pain-free the entire drive!



So very long story short- this stuff works!!!





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