Great Testimony from a Navy Seal Trainee





Amazing testimonial for Mg12! It's why I keep telling everyone about it! From Navy Seal Trainee - Rusty S:

I recently broke a non load bearing bone in my ankle playing basketball. Others heard the snap and saw me crawl off the court in major pain. My main concern was my status as a Navy Seal enlistee, and my ship-out date in just a few weeks. Having used Magnesoothe on minor sports injuries, I knew that it could help me. I had no idea how much!! I saturated a paper towel with Magnesoothe to wrap the ankle for 3 straight nights. Walking the next morning was still quite painful, but by the 3rd day, it was so much better that I was walking without a limp! I was not only able to do my weekly PST for my training in less than a week after my injury, but I POSTED MY BEST TIMES EVER, BY FAR!! I was able to cut a minute off both my 500 yard swim, and my mile run. Taking an ENTIRE MINUTE off my mile run was a complete shock, and must be directly related to the Magnesoothe minerals and its effect on energy levels. Keep in mind, that I have been running over 40 miles a week (sometimes 50+), for many months, so I am in great shape. My regimen was the perfect test for an ankle injury, because the ankle is under much stress in both exercises. The stress on the ankle in swimming is substantial, but I forgot that it was even broken until I got out of the pool. You can understand why I will never be without Magnesoothe.



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