Great Testimony from Cathy and on her road to recovery


I bought the Magne Sport oil and Magne Sport balm a few weeks ago. I was in a rehab facility after shoulder surgery.

I gave some to a patient's daughter; she lived in pain for a long time. I used it and found relief. I offered it to every nurse,
aide and therapist I came across.

I transferred to a new rehab facility and did similar. A nurse pulled her lower back while moving a patient; the oil was applied to the painful area and the balm was applied on top of the exact same spot. She had immediate, immediate relief. Her relief was so immediate I thought that the act of massaging it in must've been the reason. The next day she said she was pain-free from the moment the magnesium was applied. Before I offered the treatment, a fellow nurse recommended taking magnesium pills.

I lent my bottles to my friend. She received such relief she recommended Mg12 to her brother- the welder. My friend will be ordering her own supply shortly.

I saw my PA for my first post op appointment. I took the magnesium with me. He perked up saying the magnesium would provide quick pain relief. I was so pleased with my post op report that I was giddy when I returned to the rehab facility because discharge was now on the horizon. I was talking to my neighbor's visitor, told her all about it and recommended it to her.

I'm in rehab for my shoulder. My legs are darn near Olympian compared with my fellow therapy patients. I did squats on the parallel bars one Friday and my legs were fine. They were a little sore on Saturday but I couldn't move without pain on Sunday. I told a friend and she used her glittery-fitness-instructor voice 'delayed onset muscle soreness.' I applied the oil then the balm, pain be gone. Whenever I do anything strenuous now I'll apply Mg12.

Thanks to John, the customer service prior to my sale, during my sale and after my sale was stellar. The way customer service should be be isn't anymore.


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