Great Testimony on how Mg12 can help your Horse

So I've been touting the success of Magnesium from my friend's local company, Mg12, in Tryon, NC, because everyone I know, including myself (for my broken wrist), who has used it has raved about its efficacy. We know horses are often magnesium deficient as well, so as Forrest rehabs his stifle and we only walk under saddle, knowing I can't longe this very spooky boy, first, I've been, first, soaking towels in hot water and a cup of their Dead Sea Salts and laying them over his croup, back, and poll, letting it soak in, followed by poulticing his stifle (not easy) and rubbing the Mg12 oil there, as well as either side of his poll. Result: Forrest is absolutely starting out much more loose and totally mellow. We *know* scientifically, magnesium combats stress and inflammation and countless other painful issues. When I have chiro work done on Forrest, we are often told he is 'out in his right poll' and I believe he has carried tension there from his racing days. I always ask for jaw and poll flexions, mounted, before we move off from the mounting block, asking him to chew the bit and stretch and walk off in that posture. He normally is resistant flexing his poll/atlas to the left. It's physically difficult for him to 'give' in that flexion. After applying and rubbing in the oil to either side of his neck, by his poll, yesterday, this horse immediately and easily gave in both directions and as we stepped forward to begin our walk, he stretched out his neck as if he was going to graze~ just stretched and stretched from head to tail~ his way of saying, "OMG, this feels sooo good!!" He has been quiet as a mouse, no spooking, no silliness and beautifully supple. So, obviously, I'm spreading the word! If you mention my name when ordering, either by phone or typing in my name and discount code in the 'comments' box online, you'll receive 10% I LOVE this product!

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