Great Testimony on How Mg12 helped a 70 yr old Heal Quicker

This may be the best testimonial for Mg12 I've received, yet! From my 70 yr old friend, Sue McDaniel, fellow horsewoman and a--kicker:
"I tore a 3x4" slab of skin off my fore arm and it was deep too. Tried horse and other things but it was not improving. It really should have been stitched but i decided to try Magnasport. They warned me it would sting but it was very bearable. I used both liquid and cream. It took time but it is amazing how well it healed AND the large flap of skin did not die to leave a hideous deep scar. I was amazed at the great result. I swear by the stuff and it is now doing its magic on my thigh where little sh-- face Rocket kicked me last week. Lucky not to get knee or break the leg. I hardly could walk but in 3-4 days it started to dissipate the pain and there is hardly any bruising and all that hurts now is a deep knee bend. I was lucky."



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