Great Testimony on How Mg12 helped with Hip Pain

We discovered your company at a Mother Earth Fair show in Asheville NC. My husband had been experiencing excruciating hip pain that had severe debilitating effects. It was so bad that on that particular day after only one hour at the show he was ready to go home. We came upon your vendor booth for Mg12 and began to talk to you all about his pain. You gave him a bottle and instructed him to go to the restroom and rub some on. He did and came out smiling! The oil relieved his pain enough to enjoy the rest of the day! Since then we have been regular customers and order frequently.

Just recently our neighbor who has RA and fibromyalgia has been telling us that her pain is so bad she wished she could die. I talked to her about Mg12 and asked if she would just try some of the oil and bath soak. She did and has just reported to me that she feels alive again and hopeful. She has minimum pain and has slept better with just using it now for under 4 days! She said "we" saved her life. She wants to start ordering this for herself now.
— Grayson & Lesa Jefferies



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