Great Testimony on How Mg12 is Helping an Amputee....


Your magnesium oil and body balm are saving my step-father's leg! He had a lower leg amputation three years ago due to problems with circulation and we have been trying so hard to save his other leg. The swelling and discoloration were severe. We began using the Magnesport Oil on his leg about two months ago and noticed the swelling was decreasing. I called your company and spoke with the owner, Tom Strader, telling him how thrilled we are with the incredible results of using the oil. Mr. Strader recommended we use the Body Balm too. Once we began applying the Body Balm, along with the oil, the swelling began to decrease even more. Life from the Dead Sea is being brought into and healing my step-father's leg! It truly is a miracle! Hallelujah!

Thank you, Tom Strader!


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