How Technology can Help You in the Fitness World

In an ever growing world, technology is no exception. In the past 30 years, we have seen more leaps and bounds in the field of technology than ever before in human history. It's only evolving faster too. These exponential strides in technological advancement have benefited almost everything, including fitness. Everything from calorie counting to games that motivate you to get out and go, recent tech can make your path to fitness far easier and even fun. Here are some ways technology has been changing the fitness world, and how you can start utilizing it in no time!

1. Fitbit

Fit Bits are small bracelets taking the world by storm. Used by fitness junkies and the average person alike, Fitbit bracelets track your activity to give you an accurate reading of how much you are active throughout the day. All Fitbits measure how many steps you take during a day and your heart rate, this data is then transferred via an app to your smartphone to read information of your activity. Depending on the product you purchase the data can include other services including the quality of your sleep. Fitbit does this by measuring your heart rate as you progress through different sleep cycles. Higher end Fitbits can also track your pace, distance, and elevation using GPS location tracking giving you more detailed information. Using these devices gives you type of “instant gratification” and visualization that keeps you on your toes (pun intended) to continue striding towards your fitness goals. A study in 2014 found that people wearing Fitbits were more motivated to get out and walk or run just to reach their daily 10,000 step count when compared to other subjects who were just told to do so, because of being able to actively see their progress. If a bracelet isn’t your thing, they also make clips that can fasten onto your clothes and still give accurate readings. Fitbit's range from around $80 to $200 U.S. Dollars depending on which features the product includes.

2. Outdoor Game Apps

Thanks to the advances in GPS Technology new apps are being made that bring an element of fun to getting out and exercising. Geo Cashing has been a hobby for many since the introduction of the internet and GPS Location, but thanks to new apps it has transformed. Geo Cashing is a recreation activity for hunting and finding a hidden object by means of GPS locations. Now with new smartphone apps, it has taken a more competitive game approach. Games like Ingress use the geocache locations to pit two worldwide teams against each other to see which team can find or control the most geocaches. These geocaches can be found almost anywhere, from at your local convenience store under a bench, or behind a waterfall on a hiking trail. This new technology is encouraging people to go outside and essentially treasure hunt. In the process of these adventures, people are getting ample exercise.

A new craze hitting the world is Pokemon Go. A new game in which people go outside with their phones, and with the help of GPS Technology, find imaginary Pokemon to collect. This new game is hitting a demographic that normally wouldn’t exercise or be outdoors. Now, due to the games franchise and fan following, thousands of people are taking to streets, trails, and parks to progress through the game. It might not be the most intense exercise you will ever do, but these GPS driven App Games are getting people off the couch and outdoors while making it a fun and competitive experience.

3. Calorie Counting Apps

Diet is just as important to exercise when it comes to Fitness and Wellbeing. Tracking your intake calories, burned calories, and macronutrient intake is a major part of getting in shape. Before people would have to calculate this data themselves in various difficult ways. Now there are apps designed to do it for you. MyFitnessPal, for example, is a free Calorie Counting App that recommends optimal caloric intake and nutrients to reach a user’s goal. By simply using the barcode scanner on your smartphone, you can easily add a serving of food to your intake, to give an accurate idea of how much you have been in taking. Then by inputting what exercise you have accomplished you can see how many calories you have burned in the process. This app is invaluable to many Fitness Gurus in the way of nutrition and guides you on the path to better health more effectively and efficiently.

4. Workout Apps

Having trouble deciding what workout to do? Or need a systematic routine to feel more on track with your Fitness Regiment? There are numerous free Apps on the market for workout routines. From weight training, bodyweight training, and even cardio routines, workout apps like Workout Trainer, FitStar, and Freeletics give you proper instruction on form, reps, and sets to make sure you maximize your workout. Also, you can pay for many of these apps and receive real advice from physical trainers on how to reach your goals. Using an app like this has been proven to keep people’s motivation for fitness going because you are getting proper instruction which facilitates goals being met quicker.

5. Constant Information

The internet is abounding with information on Fitness now. People are sharing their routines, workouts, and nutrition guides left and right. And thanks to new technology and study’s involving fitness the information pool is growing every single day. The wealth of knowledge that the internet has given us is making it easier to assess what we need to do in the way of fitness. From finding new workouts to plotting running routes, it’s all at the tip of your fingers. But it can become a bit overwhelming, so remember just to keep on track with your goals and what is realistic and your road to fitness will be an informative and enjoyable one.


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