Magnesium Supplement for Horses Pt 2.


Due to popularity, and new information coming to light; this is a quick update to our recent Magnesium Supplements for Horses article.

Magnesium is often the most neglected mineral in store bought horse feed. Spring grass is typically deficient in magnesium due to the fast growth rate and horses are known to be unstable behavior at this time. Owners often attribute this to too many carbohydrates in the grass.  While this may be part of the story, what is often overlooked is that these horses may be deficient in magnesium.  Magnesium deficiency has varying effects on the horse population.  Some horses do not suffer any signs while others are almost unrideable due to their apparent silliness and hyperactivity.  Adding magnesium to their diet may have a dramatic calming effect as explored in our previous article. 

Also discussed in my earlier article, Transdermal magnesium (delivered through the skin) is an efficient way to deliver magnesium to muscle tissue as it bypasses the digestive system altogether and can be taken up by the blood stream rapidly. A transdermal application can be very therapeutic prior to athletic competition especially for a nervous horse and also post workout helping the body to recover and relax muscles. It is available in sprays, lotions and a magnesium chloride salt form that is dissolved in warm water. We recommend Dead Sea Magnesium Salt or Mg12’s very own Magnesport Oil.

Rubbing our Magnesport Oil on a horse’s neck, behind the ears, heart area, and coup provide profound relaxing effects, as affirmed by our prominent supporter Pam Stone. Pam Stone is a comedian, talk show host, actor, writer, and horse-trainer. She has appeared on numerous talk shows with the likes of Oprah, Jay Leno, and Joan Rivers. Pam has been using our products for months while experiencing fantastic results on herself and her horse Forrest. 

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