Mg12 News letter Sept 23-29

Mg12 Newsletter September 23 -
September 29

"Makin' Memories"

When my grandpa passed away more than 5 years ago, I felt blessed that a plethora of photos had remained intact for the family to pay homage to. Years of memories in a time when pictures were an invaluable asset have made it possible for me to remember how important he was to my rearing. Shortly after recalling these events, my phone goes off, built from the ground up to have its own camera, which until recently never had pictures printed off of them. I find this an interesting irony, living in an age where just about everyone has access to a camera, yet the picture usually stay confined to one's Facebook or Instagram page. I strongly recommend printing them out at some point. I've recently joined "GrooveBook" (and no, this is not a paid advertisement), which has helped copy the pictures from my phone and put them in a nice album that can be removed if wanted and put into frames. This has changed the entire atmosphere of my house. Photos have a way of inspiring creativity and is a great way of keeping a journal for those who don't write. I have also found it useful when it comes to replacing things that I have an emotional attachment to. Taking a picture of a cherished coffee table can sometimes be better and just as cathartic as the actual table itself, and it can save you some space in the long run too. I think my grandpa just understood that "a picture is worth a thousand words" is more than just a statement, but a mentality. Capture the moments today so they can be shared tomorrow.
GreenAcres Market - Welcome to the Mg12 team!
Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors 
Take pictures.
Make memories.
I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record here, but we have yet again broken our current sales record for the month! Shout-outs to our new vendors:Drug Emporium/Vitamin Plus in Shreveport in LA, Country Aire Natural Foodsin Port Angeles is WA, Vashon Thriftway in Vashon WA, and The Skagit Valley Food Co-op in Port Townsend in WA. A special thanks goes out to GreenAcres Market, one of our bigger retailers who has earned the coveted title Retailer of the Year in the natural foods industry! Way to go guys, and welcome to the Mg12 team!

The Golden State Warriors are now trying out our products! The Warriors have been to the NBA Finals the last two years in a row with their guard Stephen Curry taking home the prestigious "Most Valuable Player" award. This could be a very big prospect for our company and we are excited to see how they receive the product!

Hearing our customers tell us that they have received relief from our salts is always considered a victory but hearing the same thing from a licensed doctor is cause enough to throw a parade! We are here to prove that there is an alternative, natural solution to pain and having licensed professionals backing the products up is a great way to legitimize it. Come to our homepage to check out the testimony of a doctor who inadvertently benefited from Mg12. 

And if these new retailers and testimonies don't turn you into a believer of our products, we are currently having them tested in a double-blind study at UNC Chapel Hill. This will present our customers with scientific evidence of authenticity, perfect for the skeptics out there. We will update you with results in the near future! 

Last week I got some good feedback about the newsletter and I thank you for the responses. How do you like the newsletter? What do you want out of it? Want to share your best pictures or tell us your Mg12 stories? I'm all ears! We want to provide you with a great experience when you are spending time with us, so let us know by clicking on the links to our social media sites and homepage at the bottom! Thank you again for supporting this small company and have a great weekend!

-Austin Kempton @ Mg12

Quote of the Week:

"Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love."

- Mother Teresa


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