Mg12 Newsletter July 8th-15th -Great Stuff

Mg12 Newsletter July 8 - July 15

"Float On"

I am a child of creativity. My entertainment level with books, movies, and music is stimulated by deep philosophical ponderings, intriguing character developments, and story plot twists that keep me constantly guessing. Yet creativity is not for the faint of heart. Critical thinking skills are put to the test while training yourself to think outside the box can sometimes box you in yourself. The point is that it can be difficult. This is why I find sensory deprivation tanks so interesting. These darkened water chambers are meant to float in, eliminating most of all your sensory inputs (sight, sound, and feeling). This allows the body to feel weightless as it is the closest thing to zero gravity without going out of our atmosphere. Muscles that are normally tense will relax in this new environment, and theta waves in your brain, which are normally triggered at your deepest points of sleep, can be obtained consciously while in these chambers. Many users of these tanks claim that it is a key ingredient to eliminate both stress and creativity blocks. The best part is salt is needed an important part of the floatation process. The topical application of the salt in the tanks promotes healthy body and mind. Check out this website to learn more about these unique experiences.

"...You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple."

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."


Mg12 will be at the USA Masters Games this year on July 22nd through the 24th. We will be supporting all of the athletes in the 24 different sporting events. From basketball to pickleball and tennis to table tennis, this will be a competition for the masses and if you find yourself in Greensboro NC, be sure to stop by for a great time!

We are now selling our products at Ward's Grill and Thompson's General Store in Saluda NC. This is the location of the oldest grocery store in the state so being able to provide them with our salts is a great honor. Check out their place of business here. 

American actress and comedian Pam Stone has had great success with our products and wants you to share in that experience. For a limited time, you can visit her Facebook page for a promo code that with knock off 10% of your Mg12 purchases! While you're there make sure to check out her recovery pictures and testimonials on the products.

Jonathan Greene writes blogs for Mg12 and has an interesting article on the recent correlations between technology and staying fit. The new Pokemon Go! craze has taken the world by storm and is promoting active gamers to get off the couch and start socializing in the real world. Is this a fad, or is this the future of technology? Create your own speculation by visiting our website and checking out this fascinating blog

We covered a lot of ground in this newsletter, but we want to hear from you! Do you have any positive experiences with sensory deprivation tanks or are you interested in trying it out? Want to convince Vice President John Marino to put one in our base of operations? Got an opinion on Pokemon Go! or got a good quote that you want me to add in the next letter? Your feedback is what drives us forward so feel free to contact us on the social media sites linked at the bottom. Have fun and stay safe this weekend


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